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Why Singers Direct?

Organising musical events can be difficult enough, but knowing whether you have booked the right singers can be a real worry. Employing an agent can be intimidating, frustrating and expensive, from the limitations imposed by office hours to a surprising lack of musical compatibility between soloists: yet many promoters lack sufficient contacts outside the agency field to go it alone.

That is why in 1998 we formed SINGERS DIRECT. One email or call to any one of our singers guarantees direct access to an experienced soloist. Not only that, but your chosen 'first contact singer' can, if you require it, organise a team of soloists from our membership. A reply to your initial contact is guaranteed within 24 hours, and the usual benefits of agency use (legally binding contracts and replacement singers in the event of illness) are provided, together with a high degree of personal commitment and musicianship. We have a wealth of experience and repertoire behind us and are united by our love of performing.

However many singers you need, we can help you directly...

"Many thanks to Singers Direct and the terrific team of singers you provided for our performance of the Verdi Requiem in Dorchester Abbey. No matter how good the choir and orchestra may be, this piece stands and falls by the performance of its soloists, and your well-matched team gave us a performance to cherish. You all captured the excitement, the drama and the passion of this great work with impressive presence and professionalism. It was a privilege and a pleasure to work with you all."

Chris Walker, Conductor, Benson Choral Society

  • "The soloists were magnificent"

    "Saturday's performance was well sung by the choir but was made far more attractive by the very fine singing of the soloists."

    "Thanks for your fantastic performance last night. I really enjoyed working with you and the feedback from the choir and audience has been terrific."

  • "The blend of these two voices in the Recordare was quite magical"

    "the soloists' contribution was exquisite"

    "I have honestly never heard the Agnus Dei sung better..."